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About Us


Michelle Strange, RDH, MSDH

Michelle is a practicing dental hygienist, surgical assistant, adjunct faculty member, and clinical educator for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc. She feels the most important part of her career is the volunteer work she does in her community and globally. She has been in dentistry since 2000 and believes in life-long learning as a dental hygienist with a strong focus on patient education.

Andrew Johnston, RDH, BSBM

Andrew has been practicing hygiene since 2009. He started his career working in pediatrics and as a restorative hygienist in a private practice setting. He then moved into a multi-location group practice where he does both traditional hygiene and some restorative. He has a passion for education and humanitarian work. This profession has been great to him and he feels it his duty to make it great for everyone else.

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The Podcast

Michelle and Andrew created ATOTH in 2015.  Their first episode launched in November of that year.  The goal of this podcast was to help clinicians become more confident in their clinical practice, but also, to add some humor and fun back into the occasional monotony of dental hygiene.  These two RDH’s interview experts, and all-around amazing people, to bring you the most-current best practices in dentistry.

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