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Here on A Tale of Two Hygienists we like to deliver entertaining, relevant and information-filled content that you can use every day to improve your dental practice. In addition to the podcast episodes, we have created complementary resources for you in video, written, and audio formats. Access our complete Online Learning Center Library below!


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Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can I listen to many dental-oriented podcasts in one place?” We have the answer for you! Check out the Dental Podcast Network, a collection of dental-themed podcasts and other audio shows by dentists for the dental community!

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“I’ve taken away a pearl or two from every podcast, things that have made me be a better and more informed hygienist. They are interviewing all the heavy hitters, the “who’s who” of hygiene all in one place! It’s like a dream-team DH convention without the registration fees. Well done you two!”


“I listened to this podcast for most of my time at dental hygiene school. Michelle and Andrew are entertaining and informative. I would highly recommend to all first year students or soon to be hygienists out there who love to learn beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Awesome podcast with fantastic guests and hosts!”


“No matter where you’re at in your dental hygiene career or what position you fill in your dental office, there is something here for you; all of the “big names” in our profession are here; from the seasoned veterans to the up and comers and they’re very generous with their vast amount of knowledge.”



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AToTH is a podcast where hygienists share experiences, education, and practice tips. We are a network of like minded dental professionals who get excited about all sorts of products, such as, cases, brushes, floss and pretty much anything dental. Whether you’re a brand new company looking for some exposure or an established company looking to add new products to your line we want to hear about it!